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Why animation is a cost effective communications tool

Prospective clients are all saying the same thing nowadays. Production costs are a big factor in commissioning any agency (PR, advertising, production, animation). We are often presented with an ultimatum that the cheapest quote wins.

A big part of this cost rationalization comes because so many prospective clients are unaware of effective ways to use 3D animation.

Here are 5 reasons why using 3D animation can save you money.

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How do we sell creativity?

There exists a real problem with any form of creative expression that is available as a commodity in the commercial world.

What price do we place on a piece of artwork created by an individual or in a lot of cases with 3D animation, a team’s collaborative effort?

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Who is your ideal client?

How do we determine an ideal client in the creative world? They seem to come in many guises don’t they? It’s such a hard thing to define because we draw from so many industries.

I have recently done some great work for a client that my employees and myself are very proud of. However, the project will never be seen on TV nor broadcast in any form other than a closed-door audience in a government department in Indonesia.

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